15 dating 19 legal

as any parent worries their child going off the rails being introduced to drugs etc but if you are upfront and honest then they should be fine, as long as they can see how happy you make eachother, how wel you both get on and you stay in any guide lines they set i.e no staying over or out late then hopefully they will be ok with you both.

I appreciate that a lot of girls have under-age sex these days anyway, and there's nothing to say she wouldn't also do it with a boyfriend her own age, but I'd be worried she'd feel more pressured, simply because you are so much older.While a 3.5 years age gap isn't much at all as you reach adulthood, I find it too big a gap at this age. The 19yr old can go clubbing and I would be horrified to find out my 15yr old was doing any of those things.I have two girls and really wouldn't be happy if it was one of my girls. If my daughter was 19 and going out with a 22 year old I wouldn't have a problem with it, as they would both be adults!!!! If you are genuine and have the girls best interests at heart why dont you remain friends at least until she is at least another year older.Her parents I feel would respect you more for that.Hi, I wouldn't be happy if my 14 year old daughter dated someone who was significantly older. However, I did have a serious relationship when I was 16....he was 21 Now, I know it's pot kettle blah blah but I think thats just how it goes, I suppose I don't like the thought of her being taught all the things I was........ You sound like a very mature and responsible young man, and I'm sure your intentions are good, but I would certainly have reservations about a 15 year old daughter of mine dating a 19 year old.

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