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[Daily Stab, Girls Talkin Smack] My generation's teenage dreamboat, Justin Timberlake, has been spending all of his free time with boho gremlin Ashley Olsen.Even though JT's rep insists that they're "just friends," we all know that's not how things play out in magical celebrity MAJOR rebound mode, so JD-T might have only been his rebound girl.

Much like the perennial writer's writer James Joyce, Paris Hilton has mastered the craft of reality stardom, and her fine work as tabloid trash has received accolade upon accolade ever since her stunning debut film, .Diaz announced that it was because Justin had allegedly been cheating on her! Since it was way too short and nothing happened, they get a Men With Styles rating of 0 /5. Either way, we think that it never would have worked out… In conclusion, we’re happy for his happy ending and we wish him a long, exciting marriage/fatherhood with Jessica Biel and Baby Timberlake! That’s only a few years since Justin was cheated on by Britney Spears! Fun fact: He’s had more gal pals than Grammy Awards… They dated/broke up in the same year as Jenna Dewan-Tatum. From 2003-2006, JT was rumored to be dating Cameron Diaz from 2003-2006! JT was rumored to have had a quick scandal with Scarlett Johansson, around the time she was a feature in his new hit music video “What Goes Around… It’s a bummer they broke it off- we loved them together! It makes sense since both of the stars were fresh singles just out of relationships. They were caught canoodling around New York City together which led to more allegations that they had a fling in May of 2011!!! In May, 2014, the couple officially announced that Baby Timberlake was We are so happy for the couple here at Men With Styles and we wish that their parenting life brings them joy and love! Rumors in July, 2014 began to spread that the couple was reportedly calling it quits because JT’s website was hacked and he went on a rampage among other recent aggressive fits and Jessica Biel is apparently done!They dated for a total three years before calling it quits! Comes Around.” There was never any confirmation from either of the stars, but there were several media speculations of a fling between them. Because of that we give them a rating of 4 /5 (also it was so high because *SPOILER ALERT! It’s said that after the fling, they remained friends and never went official with their relationships. Neither Justin Timberlake or Ashley Olsen confirmed the rumors, but it’s up to you to decide whether you think it’s true or not!!! We’ll see how things turn out/ if it’s true or not.

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