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Cairncastle, meanwhile, served as the location where Ned Stark beheads the deserter Will south of the Wall." The Wall was inspired by Martin's visit to Hadrian's Wall, in the North of England close to the border with Scotland.Looking out over the hills, Martin wondered what a Roman centurion from the Mediterranean would feel, not knowing what threats might come from the north.There are several open pools where heated water collects within the godswood.The hot spring also prevents the ground from freezing both in summer and winter.The Seven Kingdoms were constantly at war with one another, and no Kingdom remained dominant for long.

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Martin here drew inspiration from medieval European history: The first inhabitants of the continent were the Children of the Forest: a nature-worshipping anthropoid species who carved the faces of their gods in weirwood trees.To the south of Essos lie the continents of Sothoryos and Ulthos, which in the narrative are largely unexplored.A Game of Thrones, the first installment of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, has two maps of Westeros.The pilot and Season 1 of the TV adaptation used the 16th century clock tower and ancient courtyard of Clearsky Adventure Centre located at Castle Ward in County Down, Northern Ireland, for Winterfell.Tollymore Forest featured prominently in the prologue of the pilot episode and the pivotal scene where the Starks first find the direwolves.

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