Birth order and compatibility in dating

Another coworker has found happiness with an only child.“Being the baby of the family, I need a little push to get things done,” she explained.The only child may fare better with a partner who is used to catering to the wishes of others, since he or she is used to being demanding with positive results.Delia*, a social worker (and youngest child) in her early twenties, had a difficult coupling with an only child.They are calm, rational, and avoid making waves or creating problems as much as possible.

Using birth order as a personality indicator is yet another way in which we can attempt to figure out our relationships and ourselves.

Susan was once a youngest child, but became a middle child when her dad remarried.

She’s found that, in the majority of her relationships, she’s taken on more of a peacekeeper role.

They can also be rebellious or competitive as a result of being compared to their older siblings for most of their lives.

Because they’re the youngest, they tend to be spoiled, or at least expect to be spoiled, and can mature less quickly than others.

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