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Carrie rushes to tell him it's fine and uncomfortably tries to leave.After he is cut off during his apology, Big attempts to ask Carrie out to dinner.Big ironically asks Carrie when she was going to tell him that she was moving to Paris (he once decided to leave NY and move to Paris without telling her earlier in their relationship).Carrie gives him an annoyed look, tells him she has to leave, and then rushes out of the limo.

She wonders if he has some kind of radar that lets him know she is happy so he can "swoop in and shit all over it." She tells him to forget where she lives and forget he even knows her name.

The series finale takes place over 2 episodes in which Carrie moves to Paris with her current boyfriend, Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky (played by Mikhail Baryshnikov).

In the first half of the finale, "An American Girl in Paris Part Une", Big shows up outside Carrie's apartment in New York after she fails to return his phone calls.

This scene, however, alerts the audience that Big is in Paris and that he is searching for Carrie. Big reappears at just the right moment as Carrie tearfully searches for stray diamonds from her broken necklace on the floor of the hotel as she waits for a new room.

The irony of them running into each other on the street but not seeing each other adds to the romantic anticipation of their reunion. Big enters and she turns and sees him and begins to cry.

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