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When you’re trying to win back fans and build enthusiasm, little things can provide a big boost.

Want to watch a DVD movie on your Windows 10 computer using a first-party app? Those aren’t free, so it’s perfectly understandable that they’d want to recoup the cash they’re spending on licensing fees.

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It’s not as though the game was hard to find in the Windows Store.

Save your for the next Humble Bundle or something.

There’s another great app in the Windows Store that can download.

You won’t find one pre-installed, but Microsoft will gladly sell one to you — for . Then there’s the disappearance of the optical drive.

VOB files, it doesn’t auto-resize videos with a 4:3 aspect ratio, and you can’t choose alternate audio tracks and subtitles. For one thing, there’s the current cost of the Windows 10 upgrade. The licenses Microsoft has to secure to enable DVD playback in their OS?

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We’ve also been streaming movies on Netflix for years and buying them in digital formats from i Tunes and Google Play (oh, and possibly from Microsoft’s store, too). Microsoft looks pretty closely at their users’ usage patterns before making moves like this, so clearly they’ve arrived at the conclusion that most Windows 10 users don’t need DVD playback and the ones who do are probably willing to pay for the functionality. If you were running Media Center, then you’re entitled to a free copy of the app after you install Windows 10.

You’ve already paid for the decoder license once, so Microsoft doesn’t have to pass the cost on to you a second time..

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