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Cull for its "progressiveness of spirit", and for exemplifying Anderson's "[taking] an end to the Cold War as a given in his work".

Their final puppet series, The Secret Service, used this process only in combination with extensive live-action filming.

Rimmer was hired to write for Joe 90 while co-writing a book with Barwick, who initially offered him a two-script contract (they were filmed as the episodes "Splashdown" and "Big Fish").

Since he was occupied by post-production on the second Thunderbirds feature film, Thunderbird 6, and the development of his live-action film, Doppelgänger, Gerry Anderson was unable to fulfil the producer role as he had done for Captain Scarlet, and instead passed the responsibility to Reg Hill and David Lane.

The design concept was a disappointment to Anderson, who commented: "The car looked like no other piece of hardware we had had previously but I was wary of canning it as I feared I might be becoming stereotyped.

Maybe the whole thing was becoming a bit narrow; all the ideas were becoming similar." Stephen La Rivière, writer of Filmed in Supermarionation: A History of the Future, views the Jet Air Car as an update of Supercar, the vehicle that appeared in Anderson's 1961 series of the same name, but agrees that while the Jet Air Car is the "star vehicle" of Joe 90, The Supermarionation puppets featured in Joe 90 are of the more accurately proportioned kind introduced for Captain Scarlet, and which would also be used for the Andersons' final puppet series, The Secret Service.

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