Dating violence among emancipating foster youth

The children were still legally the husband's, and if a couple separated, the husband had first claim to them, unless he had a conviction for assault.Divorce was still the preserve of the rich - among the peerage, one-third of the marriages of the 1900s ended in divorce.Even if she had her own land, her husband received the income from it. Married women were put into the same category as lunatics, idiots, outlaws and children.Even her children were not hers, according to the law.

So with the help of a sympathetic MP she persuaded Parliament to pass a law allowing mothers who had not had adultery proved against them the right of custody of their young children.

In those days, a wife did not openly disagree with her husband. Sometimes their servants had to intervene to protect her. Each time she came back for the sake of their children.

By the 1830s Caroline was an acknowledged society beauty with a flourishing political salon.

He argued that the law was illogical and unjust, that it encouraged immorality by denying unhappily married people release.

The Lords reacted with horror, moving that his Bill be rejected, not least because they believed Russell "had form".

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