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Like a cartoonist, too, Saint-Aubin seems to know everything, or he likes to think he does.His other historical composition in the grand manner includes up-to-date shipyards, appropriate or not.Two drawings focus on new arches for the boulevards of Paris.However, his perspective assumes an impossibly low and close observer at odds with the scene itself.When Apollo and Mars play chess, the board tilts alarmingly forward, and Zeus himself all but slides down onto it.Above all, a cartoonist loves people, mobs of them and very much in the present.Meanwhile, with "Drawing Connections," the Morgan Library allows four artists, including Dorothea Rockburne and Georg Basilitz, to make still more connections between contemporary art and thousands of sheets from the past. For one thing, the other gods, too, appear as , or babies—and I mean small, peevish children.Their plump bodies show more concern for motion than for anatomy, and not all that much distinguishes their faces or their nasty goings-on.

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His interest in modernity leads him to chart the construction of the Louvre, all the way from demolition of old structures to the hanging of paintings, but do not expect architectural specs in between.The project, wrote his brother, would suffice to make a career. Instead, he became one of the most successful and prolific illustrators of his time.If he never got that scholarship in Italy, at least he could remain in Paris, where the action was. The Frick's selection of drawings and other works explains why history has often forgotten him.Yet Saint-Aubin filled the margins of Salon and auction catalogs with studies, at times seemingly of every composition on display.If he were to catch the lecture slides in art-history class today, he would never have to buy a textbook.

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