Ilegend nairaland kiss

The kiss on the lips can be performed between two friends or family.

In some situations, a kiss is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion, respect, or sacrament. They do not speak; rather, equals kiss each other on the mouth, and in the case where one is a little inferior to the other, the kiss is given on the cheek.

And kiss me when I die, For life, compelling life, is in thy breath; And at that kiss, though in the tomb I lie, I will arise and break the bands of Death.

Kissing was not always an indication of eros, or love, but also could show respect and rank as it was used in Medieval Europe.

Unlike kissing for love, a friendly kiss has no sexual connotation.

The kiss on the lips is a practice that can be found in the time of Patriarchs (Bible).

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