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This season featured 26 episodes directed by 20 directors.

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Dwight and Toby investigate Darryl's worker's comp claim. Ultimately, Jim and Michael are made co-manager to Dwight's horror.

Although not one of the original cast members, Andy is considered by many people one of the lead roles and in the season 6 episode "Sabre" he was added to the opening credits.

Kate Flannery portrays Meredith Palmer, the promiscuous Supplier Relations Representative, writer-actress Mindy Kaling portrays Kelly Kapoor, the pop-culture obsessed Customer Service Representative, writer-actor Paul Lieberstein portrays Toby Flenderson, the sad-eyed Human Resources Representative, Ellie Kemper portrays Erin Hannon, the receptionist and new love interest of Andy.

When Michael realizes the damage he's caused, he fabricates numerous other rumors to discredit himself, including that Andy is gay (confusing Andy) and that Pam is pregnant (unbeknownst to him that she is actually pregnant).

As Michael tries to clear the air, Jim and Pam admit their rumor is true in an attempt to save Stanley from embarrassment.

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