Keep firefox settings when updating

I have several of these which I want to keep working. However, although previously you had the option of doing that in the "Advanced" tab of the settings panel (as can be seen below)... The advanced tab doesn't even exist any longer: This is very annoying and has put us users in collision course towards the day FF 57 is imposed on us, and we suddenly find ourselves with missing functionality on which we have come to rely.

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Now you are helping others, just by visiting wiki How.On the day a major version is released, in most cases (see below for an exception) Mozilla stops providing bug fixes for the previous one.For the planned dates for upcoming releases, see the column 'release date' in the Future branch dates table in the Mozilla wiki.You may see references to "complex preferences" that need to be specified in a different way; the default homepage is one, as in the example below.For more info on individual preferences, search the Knowledgebase.

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