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For a discussion of the significance of these cases, see the primary report, Criminalizing Child’s Play.

In this listing, the date indicated (if known) after the location is the date charges were filed in the case, unless marked otherwise.

He has been accused of 'aggressive sexual assault' and is kept under close supervision by staff at his primary school.

He is accused of being sexually active with the girl from the time he was 9 until a month after he turned 14.

She was 6 when the sexual activity started and 11 when it ended."Wisconsin — August 1996 (act)A ten-year-old boy was charged with sexual assault because he touched a neighbor during a game of truth or dare and created a new rule for a game of capture-the-flag in which the girls had to lift their shirts to get out of jail.

At my 10-year high school reunion, a couple of women "refreshed my memory" of my looking up their little dresses in kindergarten. In fact, they seemed to look back at it more fondly than I. I would hate to be in kindergarten today, as I'd be the youngest registered sex offender in my state."Brockton, Massachusetts — January 30, 2006 (act)A six-year-old boy was playing with classmates on the floor of their classroom.

At one point, he put his fingers inside the waistband of a girl.

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