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She has all my passwords, and I have all of hers — e-mail accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Google , online banking, everything.

While we respect one another’s privacy, neither of us can see any good coming from secret or locked online accounts.” Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability is a useful tool to make both partners’ online choices visible to a trusted Accountability Partner.

Obviously, both individuals should be present and actively engaged, but this is not always possible.

[…] In this case, counseling for one partner is better than none at all.” Gaither explains his family’s approach: “In the spirit of building and maintaining trust, my wife and I disclose all online accounts and we give complete access to one another.

” After answering these questions, a person should ask for their spouse’s opinion on how well they are doing in these areas.

Comparing notes with compassion and sensitivity can lead to new growth.

Make sure this person (or people) will tell the other spouse if they see signs of trouble, and the Accountability Partner should be aware of specific boundaries that have been set. Hear what Gaither says: “If one partner is reluctant to grant complete access to the other, they suffer from a serious breakdown of trust.

“When intimacy and communication are good, the couple works as a team to see that their individual expectations are honored,” he says.Whether it’s a mentor couple, people from one’s church, or even a professional counselor, a third party can help a couple see issues in a new light.Just be careful to avoid overexposure to members of the opposite sex.The beginning of such a relationship may be innocent, but its continuation is not.Gaither puts it this way: “In general, cheating is the wayward partner’s attempt to get needs met outside the marriage.

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