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B' When a scanner converts a photograph or line drawing into a digital form the computer can understand.

It Is made up of pixels that form the building blocks for the image.

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Another drawback to video is the fact that video digitising is also a low-resolution medium which is important to remember if you are going to output your work to paper.This latter piece of hardware enables you to drag the images off CD and on to your Amiga's hard disitt - When working with graphics, a term you will come across very often is a-bit, 24-blt, 30-bit and so on.The term n-bit simply refers to the number of bitplanes, whicti in the case of 24-bit is 24.A black-and-white photograph is more correctly called a greyscale or continuous tone image.A typical photograph will have up to 256 shades of grey although when I tested some of the samples in this review, many had less than 200 greys.

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