Responding to online dating email

In fact, waiting a few hours can, possibly, be a good strategy to slow a frequent texter down.

But, if this is a relatively new contact, your extended response time gives a man the impression you're not interested.

Well, as a dating coach for women, I am frequently surprised by my clients who wait too long to respond to men and, as a result, miss out on really great relationships. your schedule is incredibly hectic, packed with career, children, soccer, elder-care, exercise, household chores, volunteer work, etc.

Wake Up to the Importance of Response Timing window to text back is 24 hours. You don't need to react within minutes, especially if he starts texting frequently.

Is taking a few days to respond to him really a huge problem? There is only so long a man will stay interested or wait to hear from you.

My Client Carol, the Med Student Let me share an interesting story about timing.They'll reference information on my profile, ask me thoughtful questions about my life, and maybe even compliment me in a sweet, non-creepy way.But even though I appreciate this, sometimes I'm just not into the guy or I can tell right off the bat we aren't compatible.I'm not crazy about this method, since I have found when men ask a woman for her number things tend go better.However, she was seeking efficiency and trying to maximize her time investment, which was her highest priority. She's made mistakes in the past, so she wanted to talk to me, her dating coach, first before doing the wrong thing.

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