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"The victim stated that [Krystal Lugo] took her cell phone against her will, kicked and punched her and was involved in confining her while the victim was burned in the collar bone area of her body with a lit cigarette by a female known as 'Katie.'" Used and unused duct tape was found in the cellar, some of which was still on a post behind the chair, police wrote.Police said the juvenile told them that a machete was held against her neck and that Krystal Lugo told the person holding the machete to press it against the victim's neck harder if she lied.A sex offender is any person who resides, works or attends an institution of higher learning in the Commonwealth and who has been convicted of a sex offense, or who has been adjudicated as a youthful offender or as a delinquent juvenile by reason of a sex offense, or a person released from incarceration or parole or probation supervision or custody with the department of youth services for such a conviction or adjudication, or a person who has been adjudicated a sexually dangerous person or a person released from civil commitment on or after August 1, 1981 Where the Sex Offender Registry Board determines that the risk of re-offense by an offender is low and the degree of dangerousness posed to the public by that offender is not such that a public safety interest is served by public availability, the Board shall give that offender a Level 1 designation.Information on Level 1 offenders will not be available to the public.Clark seeks ways to reverse the harmful effects of past abuses and nurture a more viable future.

Read More Maria Pena '18 and Maha Akbar '20 find themselves in good company with a growing number of Clark students who say they've worked in the hallowed halls of the United Nations.“I’ll get the best of both worlds – a focus on engineering but at the same time, diversity in the coursework I completed as part of my liberal arts degree from Clark," he says.Read More Women’s soccer team captain Emma Deneault ’18 stepped outside the lines of her economics major to take on a LEEP Project as a marketing and social media specialist at Bull Mansion with alumna Victoria Mariano ’08.Neither the police nor the Board have authority to disseminate information to the general public identifying a Level 1 offender.Information identifying Level 1 offenders may only be given to the department of correction, any county correctional facility, the department of youth services, the department of social services, the parole Board, the department of probation and the department of mental health, all city and town police departments and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for law enforcement purposes.

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