Taylor lautner dating demi lovato

And Demi and Selena's ties were stronger than blood: Come on, both girls have been linked to the two unmarried Jonas Brothers. was the , which means that shit from December is still going on (or Demi holds a major grudge).Either way, Selena made herself scarce at the Disney press junket where Demi and the Jonas Brothers were yesterday, which would make sense if she had rekindled her romance with Lautner. This story has made me totally glad I'm not in high school anymore.The Sorry Not Sorry singer added that she had been through “a few” rock bottom moments.“But I’ve picked myself up every time,” she said, adding that “in the film, it showcases every single time that I’ve picked myself back up and made changes to grow.” New rumours about Demi’s sexual orientation surfaced after she was spotted holding hands with another woman last month.

During its launch, the global megastar was asked by US show Extra TV about the revelations contained within the documentary.

The strength and understanding present in their support was demonstrated when Huff Post called Demi’s reasons for not publicly talking about her sexuality “total bulls***.” One reader labelled the article “so gross”, adding: “a young queer person literally doesn’t need to openly come out, celebrity or not, if they don’t want to.” Another said: “Reality check: no one, at any time or for any reason, owes another person any god damn thing when it comes to their sex life.” Among the hundreds of comments, it was hard to find a single one in support of the article.

Readers seemed to share a similar viewpoint: no one is obliged to reveal their sexuality or come out, regardless of whether they are in the public eye or not.

The 25-year-old singer and the 25-year-old soccer star were reportedly spotted while grabbing dinner on Tuesday night (November 14) in London, England.

While the outing has been sparking dating rumors, it looks like the pair might just be friends.

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